Frequently asked Questions and Answers 

Dealer Applications are now closed


Q: why an online convention? 

A: unfortunately with the state of the world right now we can't guarantee anyone's safety if we have a convention in person.
This is safer and more convenient for everyone.

Q: How much is it? 

A: its Free! 

Of course you still have to pay for dealer products if you buy.
Streamers may have donations open but it is up to you to donate or not, never feel like you have to. 


Q: Where is the con being run?
A: On discord! It will be a central hub to direct you to available events.
A link to the server will be posted on the website and our socials on the 15th of February


Q: I'm under 18, can I join in?
A: As long as you are able to make a discord account (13+), you're able to join in on the festivities.


Q: What is there to do?
A: Dealers Den - Our Dealers Den will have online stores run your local artists and creators.
Streams - Not only will they have online stores to browse, some will also be streaming. Stop by and check out the steams, they might even be working your commissions!
Chat rooms - We all have other chat rooms for you to hang out in. Use them to find like minded people to do activities together such as Art Jams and gaming channels.