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It’s my first time at a con! What do I do?!

Welcome and congratulations! If you’re wondering what you should know, there is a ‘My First Furcon’ panel happening on Friday that will introduce you to some concepts that will help you have a happy, healthy, and safe con experience.


If you can’t make it to the panel, don’t fret! Here is a bite sized version that should hopefully fit on your mobile device:

  • Follow the 621 Rule: Every day you should make sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower. Even more is better!

  • Follow the Code of Conduct

  • Respect attendees, dealers, and staff. This includes things like: asking for permission before going in for a hug or touching someone’s tail/ears, giving people space or peace and quiet if they need it, and taking care of your own hygiene to ensure that the con space remains pleasant for everyone.

  • Put yourself out there! Introduce yourself, and ask people questions about their interests or fursona. If you’re looking for attendees with similar interests, try attending a panel or workshop, or drop a message in the Telegram chat. Even con staff and volunteers might be happy to chat if they’re not busy with something.

  • Have fun!

Can I come if I don’t have a ticket?

You may not enter the ticketed areas of the event during opening hours without having registration. These areas include the Dealer’s Den, Function Hall, Headless Lounge, and Photo Room.

Do you sell tickets at the door?

Unfortunately,  we are unable to sell any tickets on the day.

Do I need to get a separate ticket for my parent/guardian/older sibling?

Yes. If you are being accompanied by a guardian, they will also need to have their own ticket in order to enter the ticketed areas of the convention.

Where can I find a staff member if I need them?

During the opening hours of the convention, staff will be in and around the con area. Additionally, the registration desk will remain staffed throughout the day, including during lunch breaks and the fursuit walk.

Can we put room signs on our doors?

The hotel has requested that we do not stick things to the doors, in order to avoid damaging them. However, hanger-style room signs are allowed.

Any room signs should follow the same guidelines for displaying content as outlined in the Dealer's Den Guidelines for the SFW Den. In short, it must be appropriate for the public area of a family-friendly event, and should be neither overly distracting nor physically obtrusive.

Where can I sign up for the photoshoot?

This year photos will be done on a walk-in basis. Our photography team will be happy to discuss any needs and wants beforehand.

Where can I sign up for the fursuit games?

Just rock up in your suit ready to play!

Can I get into panels/workshops early?

In some cases, the rooms will need to be rearranged before a panel or workshop begins. For safety, we’d like to request that attendees do not enter rooms that do not currently have events scheduled in them.

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