What: Yarra Meet

When: 22th May 2022, from 11am until 3pm


Ella Collins / Pocket

Lee Nguyen / Rave

Where: Along the Yarra between Flinders Street Station and Richmond Station (follow the diagrams posted if you’re unsure)

Hi Everyone! It's been a long time, we've been hibernating for safety reasons but it's time to catch up with everyone. With summer coming to a close, we’re starting up the meets again so come say hello to your local furs. We'll be hosting at our usual spot, same place along Alexandra Avenue. It'll be on the fourth Sunday of the month, hope to see you all there! For safety reasons, please only attend if you are at least double vaccinated.


There are no pre-requisites to being part of the furry fandom. You do not need a fursuit to attend, we’d love to have anyone interested in the Furry Fandom attend. If you're skittish about coming, (try) let the admins know. We'll always do our best to ensure you are comfortable and enjoying yourself. We understand social events can be daunting, our events normally don't have any scheduled activities to minimise pressure.
We’ll be cooking up some sausages and hash browns so drop a gold coin donation and dig in like it’s Bunnings. 100% of the donation will go back into the BBQ and excess is collected to fund future events. We normally have just sausages, bread and hash browns but please let us know of any dietary limitations or suggestions you might have so we can do our best to cater you.
We’ll still be providing water bottles (Make sure to ask Lee about it!), there is also a drinking fountain/tap just next to our usual spot so let's do our best to look after the environment. This is a shared public space, we’re beside a footpath as well as a bike path. Please be wary of others (especially cyclists) and do not block the paths. There are plenty of areas sit and take in the Melbourne weather. (Sunny skies with some soft wind hopefully)
We strive to make sure our space is welcoming to all attendees as this is a family-friendly event. People of all ages normally attend; as the community grows, newcomers will also include minors. So be mindful of how you conduct yourself and interact amongst other attendees.

•If you are under 16, please be accompanied by a Parent, Guardian or friend that is over 18.
•Please keep it PG-13 so do not discuss adult / explicit topics conversations.
•If you are bringing any possessions, please be responsible about your belongings. Please refrain from bringing more than what a person would reasonably carry.
•There are bins opposite of us, let’s keep the environment clean.
•What you can bring for yourself (all optional):
-Picnic blanket
-Something to do
-Fursuit (Please stay hydrated)

How to get there:
-The Meet will be held at the BBQ area along the southern side of the Yarra just east of Flinders street Station or south-west of Richmond Station on Alexandra Ave. Check the pictures in the discussion for visual aids.
-If you are taking public transport, you can hop off at Flinders Street Station or Richmond Station. If you want to arrive ASAP, getting off as Flinders Street Station (City Loop) is usually faster but a slightly longer walk. If you want to minimise on walking (carrying a lot of stuff) then we recommend walking from Richmond Station as it is the closer of the 2 stations.
-If you are driving, there is parking right by the area. It is normally metered on weekdays but is unlimited on weekends. (Free parking!)

If you have any questions or concerns, we can speak in private in person, over PM with the MFE page or with one of the admins in the telegram group.