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Welcome to the Furry Fandom

It can seem a little overwhelming at first, but I want to help ease your mind here. The fandom, and the Victoria/Melbourne branch as really nice bunch of folks who are there to have a good time, make friends, and enjoy this wonderful little community together.


But you might be asking what the Fandom is?
To put it simply, it’s a collective group of people who share a general love/fascination with anthropomorphic creatures – creatures that have human-like qualities. This can be anything from the ability to speak, walk on two legs, to just having more human-like emotions that are present. These characters can be anything from a fox on two legs, to a cat with a rainbow coat, to dragons and creatures of legend. 

The community in Melbourne specifically are a great mob. Hailing from various ages, races, genders and backgrounds, everyone has a unique place within the fandom. The space that has been created and set up so those in the fandom – regardless of age – can feel safe and welcome. We hold no discrimination here, be in online or in person.
And there are events for those who want to participate. 
Now, getting into these events, I just want to point out one thing first. We are NOT a babysitting service. If you are under the age of 18, you will need a adult with you at these events. The people who run our events try their best, but cannot keep track of everyone. 
Please be responsible – don’t leave your child alone. 
Meet ups, or meets, were held almost every month pre-Covid. We are in the process of returning to these now. A regular meet is a time to gather with like-minded friends – either on the banks of the Yarra River or at Melbourne Central – and enjoy the outdoors with fursuit (Yarra only) or plain cloths. A gold coin donation is all that is asked for as a BBQ lunch is provided on days the weather permits.
Conventions – our other type of events – are a once a year phenomenon. Spanning 2-3 days (generally over a weekend) a convention is like a larger meet. Held at a hotel for convince, it will have space for local vendors to sell items, a space for games and general hang outs. It is also encouraged to explore the general vicinity, as there will be activities that some might find interesting. Costs for the events and hotels vary depending on the time and location.

While certainly not covering everything, we hope that this look into the fandom was informative. And we hope to see you more. 

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