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Melbourne Furry Convention

Conditions of Entry

Melbourne Furry Events (MFE) is  excited to welcome all newcomers, established and grey-muzzles of the furry fandom. 
This policy is written on the goal that all participants, be it organisers or attendees alike, have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience. Common courtesy is expected, it’s not for dampening the mood but to ensure that we are considerate of everyone having a good time and not just yourself. 

MFE Management reserves the right to amend/update these rules at anytime without notice via social media posts and announcements and also the right to deny or cancel registration/entry of any individual at any time at their discretion.
By registering to attend MFC guests agree to indemnify and not hold MFE, its staff, volunteers, assistants or affiliates responsible for any personal injuries or damages resulting from your attendance/participation of the convention, its activities or events unless otherwise stated by law.

As a participant entering spaces used by MFE, you agree to abide by rules listed. Failure to comply with these terms will result in actions such as but not limited to verbal warning, removal from the con space or termination of your registration.

General housekeeping
Convention passes are important! All attendees must display their pass clearly inside con spaces and events. It should be treated like a passport in that it is your identification and is only valid for the registered owner. Should you be unable to present your Pass when asked by staff, you will be removed from the con areas. If you lose or misplace your badge then please notify management and we will help with a solution. 
Abide by all staff and volunteer directions, they are there to keep things running on schedule and smoothly so be aware of any instructions. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardan at all times.
It is a public space so respect the environment and help us keep it clean and tidy. Anything outside the boundaries are not controlled by the organisers and are subject to rules and laws of different parties. Do not tamper, damage or move items that do not belong to you.

Dress code
Attendees must wear at least a top, bottoms and appropriate footwear; no form of nudity will be allowed. Attendees may not wear any items of clothing that are overly revealing or inappropriate. Fursuits and other costumes (cosplay) are allowed provide they follow the same rules as clothing that they are not too revealing or inappropriate. No fetish-related items are allowed, Collars are the only exception and no additional attachments are allowed such as leashes. Being presentable also includes personal hygiene so look, sound and smell reasonable. (No musky huskies!)

Behavioural Conduct
MFC is an event for all ages that will maintain an environment that is safe and enjoyable for all parties. Any attempt to disrupt, interfere or harm to any parties will be dealt with accordingly. Refrain from any behaviour that could cause discomfort for other attendees. This includes but is not limited to:
-Sexual acts
-Public displays of affection
-Heavy kissing/petting/groping
-Excessively loud awooing

Harassment or bullying in any form will not be tolerated, this can be in many forms and will not be taken lightly. It can still take place even if the offending party did not intend it. They can come in many forms such as verbally abuse, intimidation/threats, physical assault and unwanted sexual behaviour. There are laws to help protect you against discrimination and harassment involving topics such as age, disability, race, gender, sexual orientation If anyone bothers you or is taking advantage of you, remove yourself from the situation and tell our staff as soon as you can. It will be handled appropriately by our security or the authorities. Any false accusations are also considered harassment and will be dealt with similar severity.

“Cosplay is not consent.”
How you treat a person does not change when someone has a costume on, this applies for both how one interacts with someone in costume as well as being the one in costume. Costumes (Especially fursuit heads) can be surprisingly limiting to one’s awareness (visually and audibly) as well as hindering the ability to communicate. Do not touch someone without consent, do not record media of someone without consent. 

The Law
MFE will not be serving alcohol on premises. In addition to this, no external alcohol is to be brought on premises. Individuals exhibiting a questionable level of inebriation will be ejected from the premises and registration revoked. The Venue is a no smoking zone, this includes cigarettes in any form including electronic cigarettes (Eg. liquid vaporisers). MFE does not condone the use of illegal substances. If any illegal activity are discovered, it will also be reported to law enforcement. Dangerous goods are prohibited including but not limited to possible weapons, chemicals or items that would compromise the safety of others. If you are unsure if an item will be prohibited, please contact management for any queries.

MFE cannot be held accountable for the actions of individual attendees but will strive to maintain the safety, comfort and enjoyment of attendees. Should the actions or behaviour of an individual(s) be in conflict with the nature of the convention, MFE management will exercise their right to revoke registration, remove or even apply a ban on the individual(s).

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