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Melbourne Furry Convention

Jasper Hotel - Melbourne

24th - 26th February 2023


A world of mystery, whimsy, and magic


No tickets left to be sold at door

Pointed Witch Hat

Back and bigger than ever Melbourne Furry Events presents Melbourne Furry Convention 2023: Furtale, a world of mystery, whimsy and magic!

Whether you're the type to trawl through dungeons with a dragon, prefer to play games with thrones, or perhaps you just like makin' magic, a short foray into the world of Furtale is sure to do the trick. Come and celebrate the magical, fantastical, and imaginary with us in our own fluffy and friendly way.

Melbourne Furry Convention 2023 is an all-ages event that will be hosted at the Jasper Hotel in Melbourne City from Friday the 24th to Sunday the 26th of February 2023.

More information for parents, vendors, and volunteers can be found via the menu at the top of the page. We hope to see you there!




Jasper Hotel

In 2023 we will be hosted by the Jasper Hotel, a stylish four-star boutique hotel featuring an indoor courtyard area and a cocktail bar.

Bookings can be made via the hotel website.


The Jasper Hotel is located at 489 Elizabeth St, Melbourne. Practically next door to the Queen Victoria Markets and only moments away from the CBD proper.


 The Queen Victoria Market tram stop is serviced by the 19, 57, and 59 trams.

 Otherwise, the Jasper is a 200 m walk from Melbourne Central train station. (About 3 city blocks)


 The Jasper Hotel does not have on-site guest parking available, and recommends that guests use the CBD Park located at 58 Franklin St, around the corner.


What's On?

Dealer's Den

 With goods, wares, and merchandise available for any who have the coin, the Dealer's Den is where you'll find the community's crafters, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Stop by to pick up anything from paws to posters.


 Although we're at capacity for Dealers, future hopefuls can check out the Get Involved menu link.


 On Friday and Sunday we will be showcasing talent from the fandom, as our DJs pump out the tunes for you through the night.

 Interested performers will be able to go to the Get Involved page via the menu bar soon!


 Furry, fluffy, and fun, those who don their fursuit at the event (and those who wish to just observe) can be certain that there is plenty to do! From the traditional Fursuit Parade to planned photoshoots.

 Suiters and spotters can also be at ease knowing that there is a dedicated Headless Lounge and plenty of water available for when they need to take a break.


 Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into making a fursuit? How about how the furry v-tubers and streamers do their thing? Are you interested in hearing tumultuous tales from cons of years gone by? There's a panel for that!

 For new attendees we highly recommend the 'My First Furcon' panel for advice on making the most of it.

Around Melbourne

 Located centrally in Melbourne, the convention is a great home-base to attend other activities with con-goers in and around the city.

  •  Finding a deal at the Victoria Markets

  •  Grabbing coffee or food nearby

  •  Visiting a gallery or music venue

 Stay tuned for any pre-organised groups heading out around Melbourne to take it in.











Interested in running something yourself?

We'd love to hear from you! Please join the discussion on our social media links below or take a look at how to Get Involved from the menu at the top of the website.

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